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Recording life for 46 Years

Ever since she was 12-years-old, Julie Rud has written in a diary every day. That’s more than 16,500 entries in a collection of 45 books.
Just before bed each night, the New York Mills Elementary teacher records little tidbits of history including accomplishments of friends and family, the weather, even snippets of her daily chores.
In an interview last week at her home on Big Pine Lake, Rud said she wouldn’t describe herself as an emotional person. Her daughter Lauren agreed. Instead, she simply records basic facts about her day. Whether it’s the fact that she saved 90 percent during a shopping trip or little tidbits her daughter shared about what she thinks would be the perfect wedding day. Some diaries include concert ticket stubs, little notes from her husband or newspaper clippings.
Rud isn’t the first in her family to record her daily life in diaries. Rud’s grandmother Bendetta Johnson wrote in a journal every day for 50 years. These diaries are now being used as reference material for Rud’s aunt, Suzann Johnson Nelson. Nelson has written several books about growing up Lutheran, based on Johnson’s diaries. Nelson is most famously known for the comedy writings about the “Church Basement Ladies.”  read entire story. . . .

July 3 fireworks

The loud bang and big, bright colors of the annual fireworks will once again be held Sunday, July 3, immediately following the Millers baseball game.
Bert Nelson and his son Terry will be lighting the fireworks again. They will be set up in the football field, which is next to Russ Jacobson Field in Smith Park, so the fireworks will be enjoyed from the people who went to watch the baseball game. The fireworks can be enjoyed from the stands, lawn chairs, or sprawled out on blankets from anywhere outside the football field.
Due to the fireworks starting after the baseball game, the start time isn’t set in stone, but they shouldn’t start any earlier than 10 p.m.
Nelson, who has been doing the show for the approximately 20 years without any close calls, said his two favorite fireworks of the show are the Chrysanthemum because it’s big, blows up, and then fills the sky, and the Salute because it is big and noisy.
The display is sponsored by the NY Mills Baseball Association, the NY Mills Civic & Commerce, and the NY Mills Lions.  read entire story. . . .

NYM student could join school board

The New York Mills School Board adopted a policy that will allow a student to serve on the board.
The policy authorizes a student representative to serve as a non-voting member in order to encourage student involvement and provide a communication link between the board and the student body. During last week’s meeting, the first reading of the policy was approved, with the policy to likely be finalized at next month’s meeting.
The student school board member will attend regular board meetings and special meetings while school is in session, however they would not be furnished with materials pertaining to confidential issues such as sensitive personnel matters, legal action strategies, negotiation strategies and student discipline matters.  read entire story. . . .

Community Action building may be apartments

The former Community Action Council building may be renovated into a nine-unit apartment building.
Ron Heinonen from Allwayz Construction and Bonnie Dykhoff from Centennial Reality are partnering to renovate the former community action building. Everything is still in the early stages, but the duo approached the New York Mills Economic Development Authority last week to explain their plan.
Starting in October, they hope to renovate the building into nine apartments of various sizes, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom. The cost would be between $4-700,000. The plan would include two phases, both would be done in a six-month period.  The plan would be to finish the north end of the building completely in order to rent it out. They would then start on south end of building.
“I would like to see this happen, I really would. What else is going to happen to this building?” said Dykhoff.  read entire story. . . .

St. Johns to celebrate 125th anniversary

St. John’s Lutheran Church in Corliss Township is celebrating 125 years of being a solid foundation on Sunday, July 3. The church, which was formally founded in 1891, is marking this amazing milestone with a great service and day filled with activities.
During the celebration that is themed “125 years of standing on the Rock of Christ,” Rev. Dr. Donald Fondow, District President of the Northern Minnesota District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, will be preaching.
The program will start at 10 a.m. with the service and the activities to follow.

In 1888, eight willing Lutheran families joined together to start the center of what would later become St. John’s Lutheran Church in Corliss. These were the families of August Mischke, August Lubitz, George Schleske, Karl Foerstner, Michael Utz, Jeremiah Krueger, Karl Wanderi, and William Papenfuss. They called in Reverand A. Kretschmar to conduct services in their log houses.
The group got together after their first official service in an area school and decided give their new found church a name. On December 27, 1891, the group would receive a tract of land in which they built their church on.  read entire story. . . .

Asbestos  halts school  floor project

The floor replacement project in the New York Mills Elementary hallways jumped in costs after small amounts of asbestos was found in test samples.
MAAC, Inc. estimated the cost for abating the asbestos will be $2.25 per square foot, with 5,500 square feet of floor needing treatment.
“We are figuring roughly about $12,500 for the job,” said Superintendent Blaine Novak in an email, emphasizing that the numbers are just estimates at this point.
The asbestos was found in the glue from the previous tile installation.  As required, 36 samples were taken and sent for testing. Thirty before the project began and six additional samples after flooring was removed. Just four of the samples had asbestos, at levels of around 2 percent. The asbestos was removed from this floor once before in 1998.  read entire story. . . .